Surrogacy Tips During the 9-Month Incubation

There are so many stressful moments leading up to your embryo transfer. As a potential gay parent, you are getting sperm analysis, picking out an egg donor, getting a surrogate, creating embryos, etc. There are so many events and moments that happen that you stay so busy. There comes the day when your surrogate will have the embryo transferred in. The moment is so special and amazing so you...

How We Selected Our Egg Donor

My partner and I went through the surrogacy for gay couples process and one of the first big decisions was choosing an egg donor. There was limited write-ups on the best way to choose an egg donor for gay parents. Options are endless and it's hard to just pick one. After all, this your child will carry half of the DNA! Here a few tips, harsh realities and ideas that my partner and I used to make...

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