Choosing A Middle Name for Your Baby

When it comes to naming your baby, the middle name can be just as important and special as the first name. It can add to the personal identity of a person as well as gives people another name to potentially refer to them as so it’s important to give the middle name as much thought as the first name. Also, the two names should feel connected and/or flow with each other. We wanted to write this to help guide you in the process and also show you how we went about ours. 

Middle names can be a familiar name like your name. While I personally do not think it’s a great idea, many cultures utilize parents’ names for middle names so it’s a respected way of coming up with a middle name. Where I have seen the most common ways to name a middle name is using a close relative or friend that is near and dear to you. Using a grandparent’s name can help them live on through their grandchild. 

Another strategy we utilized is coming with similar names. For example, our daughter’s middle name is Bree. Her grandmother’s name is Beatriz but everyone calls her “Bea” so we liked Bree because it resembled Bea. 

We loved the idea of being creative with our children’s first name and then leveraging the middle name to honor family. It made it easier for us to split up coming up with names for the first and middle. What are ways you came up with your middle name for your children?!

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