Baby Last Names for Same Sex Couples

One of the topics that came up during our pregnancy was baby names. We did not know how to bring our last names together for our growing family. We discussed picking one and going with that, but it felt wrong. For us, we decided to combine our last names and exclude a hyphen. I’ve seen other couples actually merge to two last names to create one, which is also so creative. 

Whatever you are looking to do, just do what feels right. There’s no right answer, especially when you’re in a modern family situation. My partner and I never took each other’s last names. We think we will combine our to match our children in the future, but for us, it just is not a priority right now, and that’s ok. 

Feel free to respond with how you decided to bring your last names together and/or pick just one. I’d love to hear your story and the more examples the better.

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