Must Have Items Before Birth

I’m only 3 weeks into the birth of my daughter and already know some of the things that we are absolutely loving and so happy to received them from our loved ones. Here’s the top 10 list of the items we are so happy we had before the birth of our daughter.

  1. Magnetic Onesies for Bedtime: Newborns need to be fed and changed every few hours (even at night) so having these magnetic onesies have made changing our baby in the middle of the night stress-free. The buttons and zippers are great, but the magnets are the easiest!
  2. White Noise Machine: Our baby is not the fussiest but she has her moments. Whenever we turn on the sound machine, it calms her instantly and helps us (even if for a few minutes). We have one that allows us to take it in the car as well for travel.
  3. Swaddles: We were gifted one of the best swaddles that are so easy to use! Babies need to feel secured when they sleep and these were so great.
  4. Bottle Sterilizer: We are going through bottles every 3-4 hours so having a sterilizer makes it easy to ensure our baby has a clean bottle for each feeding. We use it like 3-4 times a day so try and get one that you like looking at since it will be out a lot of the time.
  5. Pacifiers: While your newborn won’t take a pacifier for a long period of time, they do help them self soothe. Our baby will suck on it for a few seconds and then drop it. We sometimes put it back in or take it away if those few sucks seemed to help.
  6. Gender Neutral Baby Bag: We found that a lot of the baby bags were very female focused. We wanted one that we could take out and not feel like we were carrying a purse. We fell in love with the Eddie Bauer® Backpack Diaper Bag in Green/Navy and still using it.
  7. Portable Changing Table Combination: This is a game changer! (no pun intended). When we’re on the go and need to change our little one, we wanted something that could easily travel. SKIP*HOP® Pronto Signature Changing Station in Grey Melange is what we’re using and very happy with it!
  8. DockATot®: While slightly expensive, this is the best, especially for us in the LGBT community. When our baby was born in Little Rock, we were staying in an extended stay hotel. The DockATot helped us have our baby stay comfortable and secure while we were in the common space.
  9. Car Seat Canopy: Newborns eyes are sensitive. We wanted to get something to cover the car seat in case the sun was too strong or if the weather was too cool. It’s worth getting a lighter car seat cover and heavier car seat cover to use based on the day’s weather.
  10. Bath Time Materials: While you shouldn’t bath your baby daily with soap. We found doing a nightly little rinse got our baby used to water very quickly and helped her get into a groove of nightly rituals. We have a few supplies (no expensive) so she’s comfortable in the bath and can lay while warm water falls on her.

What are some of your favorite things you use!?

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