How to Parent and Still Maintain Your Self-Being

It comes as no surprise, when you become a parent, your world changes instantly. Everything you...

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My First Week Alone with My Baby! My Top 6 Learnings as a Gay Parent

When our baby was born, we spent her first 6 weeks in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where my parents...

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“So cute! Where’s her mom?”

While the world has evolved from the traditional "mother and father" family, we still have a lot...

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Changing Diapers

Diapering a baby is a necessity but to look at it as a daily chore would probably rob one of the magic between guardian and child at changing time. It is indeed a special time for parent and child. The parent feels the intimate act of diapering is an exhibition of love...

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Babies And Bedtime Fussiness

If the baby is very small, is a new born baby then it is accepted that he will get up many times at night. But in case of older babies, it is not accepted. It is very frustrating for the mother if the baby goes to sleep after a great deal of effort and then keeps...

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What Is A Preemie?

"Preemie" is the common term used when referring to a premature baby. The dictionary definition of a preemie is a prematurely born infant. A preemie is born before 37 weeks gestation while a full term baby is born at 37 weeks or after. Preemies require a very different...

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All About Baby Highchairs

Baby highchairs are not necessary for your child if s/he is under six months of age. Although some companies make them so they recline for infants, they are not necessary until your child is able to sit up. The choice is yours. Highchairs currently come with all kinds...

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Baby Sleep Tips – Feeding During The Day

Every parent of a newborn will inevitably deal with many sleepless nights. Babies, of course, have many needs, and when they awake in the night they will cry for their mothers. One of your most important tasks as a parent is to establish good sleeping habits in your...

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