The Family Bed

There's an old tradition in Ireland, the wake bed, a family bed where the dead are waked. Well, the family bed takes on a whole new meaning when you have children: the awake bed! When your new baby arrives home from the hospital all your plans to not spoil him go out the window. He is a tiny little soul and you are his slave. He squeaks, you run. You are completely in his control! You planned to...

My First Week Alone with My Baby! My Top 6 Learnings as a Gay Parent

When our baby was born, we spent her first 6 weeks in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where my parents live. It was such a gift to have so many people help us with her. Whether it was feeding, bathing, burping or changing her or helping to make bottles, do laundry and cradle her to sleep. After 6 weeks, we came back home to New Jersey and my partner had to travel for work for 2 weeks. Talk about ripping...

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