The Smell of Baby Poo…Make it go Away!

When our daughter was born, we received a Diaper Genie Diaper Pail from a very good friend of ours. We didn’t realize how much we needed this simple but brilliant invention. From the very first day we brought her home, we couldn’t believe how many diapers we would go through! Am I right!? How can this little human pee and poo so much! 

Thankfully, we had the Diaper Genie Diaper Pail to quickly throw away the soiled diapers. I think the best spot for it is right next to the changing table in the baby’s nursery room. But, oh my gosh the smell that came from the Diaper Pail after a day or two! Early on, we went through different types of baby formula that would sit well in our baby’s tummy. Some formulas gave her quite a bit of gas, others definitely upset her stomach. Maybe we went through more diapers than most, but even so the smell that would come from the Diaper Genie Diaper Pail seemed to perforate the entire room. We changed the Diaper Pail bag regularly. Our garbage pickup comes twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays, but the Diaper Genie needed to be changed much more often than that. Mostly because of the overflow of diapers – literally there were days that we would go through about one diaper an hour – but equally due to the strong smell coming from the Diaper Pail.

I did some research on the safety of air fresheners, such as Plug Ins or similar, to put in the baby room but I didn’t find results that I was entirely happy with. This is not to say Plugs Ins are not safe, but I wanted to find a different solution to fix the smell coming from the Diaper Genie Diaper Pail. I didn’t do too much research on a solution to be honest. I was determined to rid the smell in the baby room, and I found a super easy solution that I think most everyone can do as well.

Scented Dryer Sheets!!!

Simply, just put a few at the bottom of the Diaper Genie Diaper Pail and POOF!, the smell of dirty diapers will go away. I suggest changing out the Scented Dryer Sheets ever so often, especially when you notice a bit of smell returning. I also suggest regularly changing the Diaper Genie Diaper Pail bag. The refills unfortunately are not cheap, but in my mind totally worth it. With putting a few Scented Dryer Sheets at the bottom of the Diaper Genie Diaper Pail, it seems to do the trick and gives us a little more time in between the changes of the refill bags. 

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