The 8 Child Safety Devices You Need in Your Home

Did you know that childproofing your home does not have to be hard or expensive? There’re a lot of budgeted ways to ensure your little ones are safe, while not breaking the bank. We put together  a list for you to review. 

  1. 1. Safety latches and locks are a great way to ensure that your cabinets stay closed! I actually installed my own via a quick purchase on Amazon. They are so easy to install and now your little ones can roam around places like the kitchen safely. We have the magnet ones so we just wave a magnet in front of the cabinet and it opens instantly. At first, they can be annoying but now it’s just second nature for us and so easy to use. 
  2. Safety gates are a great way to keep your baby in or out of rooms. When we moved into our house we were strategic on how we put up these gates. We put some swinging gates on the bottom and top of the stairs. However, we found great gates that roll out of the wall and connect on the other side. These are a little more expensive but less intrusive and look great!
  3. Door Knob covers are a great way to keep your child from opening doors and falling. Our little one loves to grab door knobs now so having the door knob locks is really helpful and allows us to keep her safe. 
  4. Smoke detectors should already be installed before you have a baby, but just in case, get them! They are not very expensive and will keep your entire family safe and sound. 
  5. Window guards are a great way to ensure your kids can not open the windows without you around. These guards will keep them safe, especially with windows in the second or third floor if you have them. 
  6. Corner and edge bumpers will be good to keep all sharp corners smooth in case your new walker falls or trips. 
  7. Outlet covers and outlet plates should be purchased and used everywhere. Little kids love to stick their fingers into holes. These are so cheap and can keep your baby safe!

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to childproof your home. But you do need to do it now.

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